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Why HyGenie?
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Keeping your ballpool clean is important for the health and safety of children.

The reputation of your family entertainment center depends on your commitment to maintaining a clean facility. Parents notice whether you have satisfactory ball cleaning equipment. When they see the HyGenie decal displayed or see your HyGenie Ball Washer/Ball Mover in operation, they will appreciate your efforts to provide a clean place for children to play.

A Message to Parents

The next time you go to a family entertainment center, restaurant, or amusement park with a ballpool, ask how they clean the balls. Look for the HyGenie decal and ball cleaning machines; it's your assurance the ballpool operator is doing their best to provide a clean place for your children to have fun.

Owners and Operators

"At our next store, we're going to include the Interactive Air Conveyance with the clear tubes going all over the place … It entertains and gives people peace of mind that your facility is a clean place. That's what we really strive for - Cleanliness. 21st Century Products, Inc. has helped us achieve that."
"It's a good deal. 21st Century Products, Inc. has really worked for us. Any problem we had, they were right on top of it."
Family Entertainment Center, Neb.

"We've had it (HyGenie™ with Air Conveyance) from day one. I'm sure the parents are choosing to come here over the competition … because of the machine. It really does impress people. I've heard a lot about the competition in our area, and all of them are really getting the same comments. The balls in their places are really dirty, and (some say) kids are coming up sick."
Family Entertainment Center, NY

"Parents have an enormous response. They leave comments on the backs of our comment cards like, 'The ball washer is incredible! We come here just to watch it.' … "Parents come back because HyGenie keeps the ballpens clean."
"It is especially important to be able to clean out quickly in an emergency. (The ballpen) could be out of commission for hours while you're taking those balls somewhere to be cleaned. This way we're in and out in less than an hour."
Family Entertainment Center, Mich.

"Cleaning our two ballpools is much easier and faster now with our new UV Mini HyGenie Ball Washer/Ball Mover. The HyGenie is very portable. We roll it right up to the ballpools. Now we don't need to scoop up the balls to clean them. With the Flexline Air Conveyance, HyGenie sucks them up and cleans them fast. It takes less than an hour to clean our 8 x 8 foot ballpool."
"Customers see our HyGenie decals and ask how we clean the balls. We like to show them the HyGenie because it's good for business. Plus, of all the machines we considered HyGenie is the best price."
"We're very satisfied and definitely recommend the HyGenie Ball Washer/Ball Mover."
Family Entertainment Center, NJ


"My son and I noticed the balls right away. He noticed them running back and forth across the ceiling and he really had fun following the tracks and chasing the balls. I liked them a lot because I didn't have to worry for a change about the ball pit being really really dirty … I would probably never have my son go to any of the other places. I feel so much safer that I know it's clean. I used to worry that he would get sick."

"My son has asthma and I want to make sure that he's not exposed to any germs he doesn't need to be exposed to. So coming here knowing you've got the ball-washing system that keeps everything clean was a comfort to me."

"When we first saw the ball washer, we didn't even know what it was. Then when I realized what it was, I thought it was a great idea, because if somebody spills something or has an accident in there, obviously, it's not something you want your kids to be in. It seemed like a fantastic idea to me."

"My niece was at one of the fast-food restaurants with the playgrounds, and she jumped into the balls and went to play … when she came out, she was soaking wet. Obviously, a child had 'peed' in the balls. I've never gone back to one of those fast-food restaurants and I never will."


"Then best thing about 'em (the balls) is the target, because I like to stand back and try to get them in."
"I like the balls because they go up into the tubes and I like the targets because I like to aim at them."

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