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Clean ball pools are good for business because they are good for your customer

The HyGenie Ball Washer / Ball Mover kills up to 99.98% of bacteria found on dirty ballpool balls in typical ball pools among play industry operations. This is the best ball washing machine performance available anywhere.

Independent biological laboratory tests certify that the Full Size HyGenie Model 10C, kills 99.98% of bacteria, including E. coli and other Coli form bacteria. A patented 3-step ball cleaning process scrubs ballpool balls over their entire surface while being washed in antibacterial detergent and exposed to ultraviolet light steralization.

The HyGenie UV Super Mini incorporates a two-step ball cleaning process that includes washing ballpool balls in antibacterial detergent and exposure to ultraviolet light. Independent biological laboratory tests prove that the new UV Super Mini kills over 94% of bacteria found on dirty ballpool balls, including E. coli and other Coli form bacteria.

The public expects clean play facilities. With a HyGenie Ball Washer/Ball Mover, your family entertainment center can proudly provide the clean soft play features that keep parents coming back with their children. Intertech Corporation and the Hygenie Ball Washers are recognized world wide for product innovations and service to customers during and after the sale.

Hygenie Ball Washers are recognized worldwide for product innovations and our service to customers including after sales support.

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